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Sustainable, practical and beautiful packaging

Ceramics are particularly fragile objects to send, however with careful packaging you can rest assured of their safe arrival.

Here at Blake Clay we get asked by customers about packaging ceramics safely for transit, so this blog post will be of interest if you are on the receiving end or if you are a maker wrapping up fragile items as well.

All Blake Clay packaging materials have been carefully chosen with a conscious effort to be a plastic free business.

To offer the most protection to the products in transit all packaging is sustainable and has a low environmental impact. The products used are:

  • Brown kraft paper ‘Ranpak’ that expands into a 3D honeycomb structure, providing a unique and environmentally friendly wrapping product - a 'plastic free bubble wrap' that can be fully recycled.

  • Recyclable tissue paper.

  • Gummed paper packing tape that is biodegradable and recyclable.

  • Brown recycled kraft paper to fill space within the package that is recyclable.

  • Postage boxes that are made from recycled cardboard construction.

  • Blake Clay encourages buyers and collectors to reuse the wrap, tissue paper and boxes or for responsible disposal in residential cardboard recycling.

Ranpak Exbox Mini Blake Clay
Simple and effective sustainable packaging solutions for ceramics

Presentation and that personal touch

Having a personal touch in with your packages is an important touch. Rhianna always includes a handwritten thank you note with all orders. All Blake Clay products will always come in presentable and sustainable packaging. Your purchase is firstly carefully wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a Blake Clay sticker. It is then wrapped in a textured brown paper bubble wrap for added protection and finished with a natural fibre ribbon or twine bow. It is presented as the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones being conscious to use as little consumable materials as possible.


Blake Clay chooses to use Australia Post to send all parcels around Australia and Internationally. As well as supporting Australia's national postal service, using Australia Post is a conscious choice due to the commitment they have to delivering better environmental outcomes by supporting carbon-offset projects that have positive environmental impacts. Delivery of every parcel sent through Post Offices and MyPost will be recognised as carbon neutral as a result of the purchase of carbon offset credits to match the environmental impact.

You can have peace of mind that your purchase will arrive safely and well presented with the conscious effort made to find the most sustainable solutions. Blake Clay will always seek out more environmentally friendly options and is always open to suggestions on how to improve.


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