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Sustainability & Care

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Photos by @samsette

What sustainable solutions do you use?


Blake Clay endeavours to be socially and environmentally conscious in all aspects of studio practice. Unfired clay is fully recycled, water use is kept to a minimum, and kiln firings are completed in ways that are mindful of energy wastage.


All packaging materials have been carefully chosen to offer the most protection to your piece whilst being mindful of sustainability and having a low environmental impact.


We use the following to wrap your ceramics safely for delivery:


  • Brown kraft paper that expands into a 3D honeycomb structure, providing a unique and environmentally friendly wrapping product - a 'plastic free bubble wrap' that can be fully recycled

  • Recyclable tissue paper

  • Gummed paper packing tape that is bio-degradable

  • Brown kraft paper to fill space within the package that is recyclable

  • Postage boxes that are made from recycled cardboard construction



We encourage you to use the wrap, tissue paper and box again or it can be placed in your cardboard recycling bin.

How do I care for my ceramics?

Most Blake Clay ceramic pieces can be put in the microwave and dishwasher as stoneware clay is very durable. Bowls, tumblers and platters can be washed in the dishwasher and put in the microwave for basic low-level heating.


Salad servers and spoons should be hand washed or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Planters are durable however, take care not to overfill soil or let your plant get too big for the planter. 

Any pieces that have gold or platinum lustre are to be very gently hand washed or wiped with a soft cloth only.

Be mindful to treat your ceramics with care as dropping or sudden changes in temperature can result in breakages due to the nature of the material.

*All Blake Clay ceramic pieces are designed and made to be enjoyed and used everyday.*

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