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The Journal of Australian Ceramics - Article

Last year The Journal of Australian Ceramics put a call out for contributors for their July issue and its focus was how we look at CERAMICS KNOWLEDGE – how we acquire it, the places we go to seek it out, and the people who share it with others. As a high school Visual Arts teacher with a passion for ceramics, I thought that I would write an article from this perspective.

Many people first experience ceramics whilst they are at school and many have fond memories of it when they go to recall what it is that they first made. Now of course the final product of one's first experience with clay is not one's finest work however it holds a place in memory, evokes that feeling of working toward something that is hard, the satisfaction of making it smooth, firmly attaching pieces, and making what you had in mind a 3D reality. Then you glaze it and then meet the final product after it comes out of the kiln to be amazed in something you created with your bare hands.

This is what I continually love about being a high school teacher. I thoroughly enjoy helping students to have this experience especially with clay. I love pushing students into the unknown, showing them a new skill and bringing forth some new found brilliance.

What and when was your first experience with clay? I'd love to know.

Find the journal article here:


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