The long wait for a new kiln...

The start to the New Year was ages ago and we are already half way through March 2020. Fresh starts are always full of contemplation and rethinking what we can change, do better, improve, navigate, stay interested, keep creative, keep tidy, focused etc, etc. Its always about trying to live our best lives and sometimes it can be hard in the times of social media where is seems everyone is living their best life every time you pick up the phone and have a scroll.

So how does one stay on top off all of these things? What are some of the methods, practices, & practical activities to keep organised and stay committed to all parts of yourself? I'm no guru and sometimes I struggle to be everything to everyone - mum, wife, teacher, maker, friend, aunty, artist and the list goes on.

The start to this year has been a bit of a wobble if that's a way to describe it. I had some excellent momentum last year and I was chuffed with the way things were going. I was really excited and felt great as I had put in loads of hard work and listened to my intuition about things. I started last year with a plan and it was to be the 'year of being an artist' and it was. I don't know if you've ever read the book 'The Artists Way' by Julia Cameron before but I can certainly attribute a focused year to reading it and following the daily and weekly activities. It's well worth a read if you need a bit of a creative lift. I wasn't too strict with the morning pages or the artist date as having small kids really means there is not too much time for one's self but it got me into a rhythm where I had space to think and take stock a little. There have been some other challenges that I've faced in getting my creative momentum up and running this year and mainly due to an old kiln I bought that has had some teething problems. Without a kiln a ceramicist and their work amounts to not much really.

From all of the problems encountered, I have decided to upgrade and get myself a brand new kiln! I'm beyond excited! Kilns always take so long to arrive, you can never just buy and have them delivered next week, they are items that need to be built or shipped from Europe of the U.S. I am trying to patiently wait till June (its really so hard waiting!!) and in the mean time I've been creating my own glazes for the first time and have been reading countless glaze books. Its a long process creating glazes but the discovery when you open the kiln and find how it all turned out is better than Christmas as a kid!

Check out this dreamy deep ocean blue glaze below...

So my apologies if I've been a bit M.I.A. or a little slow to keep you all updated, when this kiln comes and it's up and firing I will be bursting with momentum and so many new forms, shapes, and glazes to introduce to you.

Rhianna xx

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