Taking the new wheel for a spin

The new wheel

The day finally came where my new wheel was delivered! I sold my old one off to another happy potter just last week and with its sale and some savings, I bought myself a new one.

Why did I need to get a new one you ask? I needed an easier clean up with the limited time and space I have at home (its the laundry after all), it needed to be a bit quieter as the times I'll be working on it is when the kids have gone to sleep and also I wanted a larger wheel head. So with these things in mind I have been doing so many comparisons of wheels and their specs etc. The ideal is the Shimpo RK-3E but it was just too far out of my budget. I could have kept saving but it was having to unclip the wheel tray for cleaning that was the issue in a house with a tiny laundry sink for clean up. With the Venco, I can push it all down the hole into a bucket and swiftly clean up with little water use at all. Maybe when I get that dreamy little backyard art studio that I cant stop thinking about I will have the space and fit out that will suit the Shimpo... and a kiln... Gotta keep dreaming hey? One dream at a time!

Overall, after having my first spin on this lovely shiny new direct drive I'm happy with it! The noise is greatly reduced when compared to the cone drive and clean up was just like I thought... a breeze. I just pushed all of the slip into the bucket below, popped on the lid and gave it a wipe down. Easy!

I did get this one with bat pins and I have never used these before. It is actually great to have the option as you can take them in and out as you please. I am yet to have a good go at using bats with the pin holes as last night I just made a number of small things straight on the wheel head and the pins didn't get in the way.

Another plus is the foot peddle as you can just have it on the speed you wish and remove your foot, great for keeping hips better aligned and not being so lop sided. And a huge positive is that it's a wheel that is Australian made and nice to support a company that has been making wheels in Australia since the 70's.

So no excuses for not making now. You'll find me in the laundry after the kids have gone to bed from now on!

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