First shop update

I have spent plenty of time agonising if everything is 'right' in order to launch this website and my biggest agony is mainly about the photos of the products. At the moment, I work 3 days a week in my job and have the kids for 2 days of the week and its the usual racing around taking the kids to activities, nap times and the millions of 'jobs' that I have that I struggle to make time for the extra things that I want to do.

I have taken advantage of the small snippets of time that I have to take the photos, usually when the kids are sleeping with a baby monitor close by or when the kids have gone down to the park with my husband. I have the most basic of set ups that I have to get out as quick as I can also also pack down in the same way so little fingers don't touch. I also have tried to use the natural light available to me at the time albeit south facing.

My shop isn't too fancy, it's just about showcasing the simplicity of the items that I have made. There is a variety of things as I can't help myself from trying to create lots of shapes and forms so no particular collection as such, maybe that will eventuate in time.

I am sure my product photography will get better over time too. I will find out a way to navigate around the kids better in our little house and whip out the equipment I need in a flash. Until then, I hope you enjoy my website and the little shop it has, as with everything, it will change and evolve with time.

Rhianna xx

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